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Socio-Economic Foundations of the Russian Post-Soviet Regime : The Resource-Based Economy and Estate-Based Social Structure of Contemporary Russia / von Simon Kordonsky

This monograph discloses the estate-based social structure of contemporary Russia by way of outlining the principles of the USSR´s peculiar estate system, and explaining the new social estates of post-Soviet Russia. Simon Kordonsky distinguishes and describes in particular the currently existing Russian service and support estates. He introduces the notions of a resource-based state and resource-based economy as the political and economic foundations for Russian society’s estate structure. His study demonstrates, moreover, how the method of inventing and institutionalizing threats plays a dominant role in the mode of distribution of scarce resources in such a social system.
The book shows fundamental differences between resource- as well as threat-based economies, on the one side, and traditional risk-based economies, on the other, and discloses what this means for Russia’s future.