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Citizen Empowerment and Innovation in the Data-Rich City

This book analyzes the ongoing transformation in the “smart city” paradigm and explores the possibilities that technological innovations offer for the effective involvement of ordinary citizens in collective knowledge production and decision-making processes within the context of urban planning and management. The perspective is interdisciplinary, with contributions from a range of experts including city managers, public policy makers, ICT specialists, and researchers. The first two parts of the book focus on the generation and use of data by citizens, with or without institutional support, and the professional management of data in city governance, highlighting the social connectivity and livability aspects essential to a vibrant and healthy urban environment. The third part presents inspiring case studies that illustrate how data-driven solutions can achieve people empowerment and urban improvements, including enhanced sustainability. The book will appeal to all who are interested in the transformation required in the planning, management, and operations of a data-rich city and the ways in which such a city can employ the newest technologies to use data efficiently, promoting data access, data
sharing, and interoperability.