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Reinforcement of Timber Structures : A state-of-the-art report

This report is a publication developed within the European network COST Action FP 1101 "Assessment, reinforcement and monitoring of timber structures". The main aim of the report is to summarise the current and emerging methods that are available to repair or enhance the structural performance of timber structures and to provide guidance to the use of these methods. The report is organised in two main parts. In Part I, the different structural elements and subsystems that make up our buildings are considered. These include beams, floors, columns, shear walls and connections. The possible failure modes are described and the appropriate reinforcement strategies for each case are presented, including consideration of cultural heritage issues. The reinforcement of buildings to increase their resistance to seismic actions is also included in this part. The focus of Part II is on reinforcement materials and methods. These include adhesive systems, mechanical fasteners such as glued-in rods and self-tapping screws, fibre reinforced polymer laminates and bars, and emerging nano-structured materials. The properties of these materials, their methods of application and relevant design rules are described.
The report provides details not only of the latest research findings related to the reinforcement of timber structures, but most importantly how these methods can be best used in practice. Many examples are given of the implementation of the various reinforcement methods. Because of this, the report will be of interest not only to the research community, relevant standardisation bodies, and policy makers but also to practitioners, representatives of the timber construction industry and product developers in the sector of reinforcement technologies.