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Censorship and Exile

The collection Censorship and Exile focuses on the interrelations between the experience of exile and mechanisms of censorship. In the phenomenon of censorship the intersections and reciprocal tensions of the cultural and political spheres become drastically apparent. Literature as a form of cultural expression reacts to and criticizes ideological premises of certain political contexts. It thus represents a counter-discourse to processes of canonization that are prescribed and violently put into action by oppressive political regimes. Within the respective political contexts, people who demanded liberties such as freedom of speech or artistic freedom often found themselves forced into exile or internal emigration. The present volume focuses on these continuities and discontinuities, on commonly shared features as well as the heterogeneous manifestations of exile literature(s) in the face of practices of censorship and the repression of free speech and artistic freedom in Germany, the US and beyond. The collection comprises contributions that shed light on the interrelation of censorship and exile from comparative, historical, political, and creative perspectives.