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Short Guide to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart : English Edition

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart has produced its first short pocket guide. Informative texts on artists in the collection provide a concise overview of the important collection of works. It covers a century of German and international art and features a multitude of artists ranging from Adolf Hölzel, Otto Dix, Willi Baumeister, Dieter Roth and Joseph Kosuth to modern artists like Bridget Riley, Karin Sander Josephine Meckseper and Michel Majerus.
The short guide is available in separate German and English volumes and is generously sponsored by Freunde des Kunstmuseums Stuttgart e.V. (friends of the museum).

artists (among others):
Adolf Hölzel, Otto Dix, Willi Baumeister, Fritz Winter, Joseph Kosuth, Rebecca Horn, Josephine Meckseper, Karin Sander