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Guideline for the Development of 3D-woven Profiles Produced on Conventional Narrow Weaving Machines / von Benedikt Wendland

Reinforcement profiles out of Fibre Reinforced Composites bear a high potential for lightweight design in many industries, like in the aerospace or automotive sector. Despite the high potentials still many open questions exist which inhibit the market introduction of such profiles. In this thesis, the most important research questions are addressed:

- What are suitable processes and structural concepts for my applications? With what methods can I choose them?
- How can I proceed during the design process? What existing design methods (e.g. VDI 2221) are recommended in what cases/stages?
- What are the latest developments in 3D weaving, Carbon fiber processing, FEA calculation and research studies?
- How can the deficits of current FEA software (inaccuracies, high calculation times etc.) be improved?
- How can complex reinforcement profiles be tested and the test bench data evaluated?
- How should I modify/optimize my weaving machine for the Carbon weaving process?
- What tools are provided to calculate production costs over the whole production chain?