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Mesoporous Organic-Inorganic Non-Siliceous Hybrid Materials : Basic Principles and Promising Multifunctionality / von Yun-Pei Zhu, Zhong-Yong Yuan

This book provides extensive information on organic-inorganic hybrid materials with controllable compositions and structures developed over the past few decades, including metal sulfonates, carboxylates, phosphonates, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), etc. A variety of judicious strategies for optimizing mesoporosity are also introduced, aiming at realizing the corresponding superiorities of hybrid frameworks in practical applications at the nano-/meso-scale. The morphological design and modification methods are also described in detail, which extend the potential application range of hybrid materials from traditional areas to high-tech fields.
The book offers an ideal reference work for readers in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, materials and biology, especially those who are interested in porous hybrid materials.
Zhong-Yong Yuan is a Chair Professor at the College of Chemistry, Nankai University, China.