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Hands-On Programming with R : Write Your Own Functions and Simulations / von Garrett Grolemund

This guide is ideal if you're a professional, manager, or student who wants practical knowledge of analyzing data, without having to get a PhD in statistics. It's also good for people who have a PhD in statistics, but may not know how to write programs that apply statistical methods to real data.
Discover how to apply the R language to data analysis through active learning and hands-on demonstration. You'll learn how to use R libraries that useful and reliable for data analysis, and how they can save you time and stress.* Learn from a PhD-level statistician who develops and leads R courses* Start analyzing data with R, rather than absorb academic statistics concepts* Run more powerful analyses and make better-looking graphs* Spend less time coding, with ggplot2, plyr, reshape2, and lubridate* Learn how to make decisions during a data analysis