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Thinking with Data / von Max Shron

Understanding how to turn numbers into usable insights is a significant challenge for those that work with data on a daily basis. Thinking with Data provides a concise framework and key insights to help data people uncover the real problem to be solved as well as how to approach, organize, and analyze potential results.

Author Max Shron draws from rhetoric studies, design thinking, and his data strategy consultancy experience to help you understand how focusing on the why will help you create usable insights from your company's data jumble.

* Learn a framework for scoping data projects
* Understand how to pin down the details of an idea, receive feedback, and begin prototyping
* Use the tools of arguments to ask good questions, build projects in stages, and communicate results
* Explore data-specific patterns of reasoning and learn how to build more useful arguments
* Delve into causal reasoning and learn how it permeates data work
* Put everything together, using extended examples to see the method of full problem thinking in action