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Rebellion in the Province: The Landvolkbewegung and the Rise of National Socialism in Schleswig-Holstein / von Alexander Otto-Morris

Rebellion in the Province is the history of the most radical and militant farmers' movement of the Weimar Republic, the Landvolkbewegung (Rural People's Movement). This book reveals how economic crisis triggered protests that began with appeals for assistance but escalated to demonstrations, tax-strikes and bombings. The history of this unique movement is significant not only for the forms and expressions of its protests, but for the light it sheds on the collapse of Weimar democracy. Moreover, it helps to explain the spectacular rise of National Socialism in Schleswig-Holstein, the province in which Hitler's party won its first electoral majority. The Landvolkbewegung paved the way for Nazi success in the countryside, which ultimately led to its breakthrough as a mass political party.