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Synthetic Methods for Biologically Active Molecules : Exploring the Potential of Bioreductions

This ready reference focuses on the currently available toolbox of biocatalysed reductions of C=O, C=C and formal C=N double bonds to show which transformations are reliable for use in manufacturing processes and which still require improvements and investigation.
Following an introductory chapter, chapters 2-4 present the synthetic strategies which are currently available for the reduction of C=C, C=O and for reductive amination, by means of whole cell catalysts and isolated enzymes. Chapters 5-7 go on to describe the improvements achieved thus far, illustrating the versatility that is currently possible in adapting the enzymes to the requests of organic synthesis. Chapters 8-12 present the improvements brought about by the optimization of reaction conditions, and the use of particular synthetic sequences. The final two chapters describe the actual practical applications of bioreductions for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and for flavors and fragrances.
With its excellent and comprehensive overview, this will be of great interest for those working in academia and industry.