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Petroleum Geoscience : From Sedimentary Environments to Rock Physics / von Knut Bjorlykke

Petroleum geoscience comprises those geoscientific disciplines which are of greatest significance for the exploration and recovery of oil and gas. These include petroleum geology, of which sedimentary geology is the main foundation along with the contextual and modifying principles of regional, tectonic and structural geology. Additionally, biostratigraphy and micropalaeontology, organic geochemistry, and geophysical exploration and production techniques are all important tools for petroleum geoscientists in the 21st century. Now in its second edition, new chapters have been added and others expanded on geophysical methods in general and electromagnetic exploration methods in particular, as well as reservoir modelling and production, unconventional resources and practical petroluem exploration.

This comprehensive textbook present an overview of petroleum geoscience for geologists destined for the petroleum industry. It should also be useful for students interested in environmental geology, engineering geology and other aspects of sedimentary geology