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Gender, Canon and Literary History : The Changing Place of Nineteenth-Century German Women Writers / von Ruth Whittle

It has been shown that the total number of women who published in German in the 18th and 19th centuries was approximately 3,500, but even by 1918 only a few of them were known. The reason for this lies in the selection processes to which the authors have been subjected, and it is this selection process that is the focus of the research here presented. Gender, Canon and Literary History investigates the reception of 19th-century women's writing in German literary histories by way of case studies. It fills a longstanding gap both in the study of gender and literary history. The case studies concentrate on the reception of women writing in the Age of Romanticism (e.g., Rahel Varnhagen) as well as women who were inspired to write by the German Revolution (e.g., Fanny Lewald).