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Visual Representations of Native Americans : Transnational Contexts and Perspectives / von Karsten Fitz

This volume brings together interdisciplinary research that attends to local specificity as well as the global – transnational – circulation of a visual image repertoire of Native Americans. Located at the intersection between Visual Culture Studies and American Studies, the contributions gathered here are investigating the transnational dimensions of the creation, production, circulation, consumption, projection, reception, and perception of visual representations of Native Americans from colonial times to the 21st century. “The Indian” as image, stereotype, icon, and metaphor was – and often still is – fabricated in a transnational sphere of influence and needs to be read within the respective national, cultural, historical, and political contexts in which it was/is produced. Both, the cultural functions of such visual appropriations for those who construct them as well as the creative responses to these fabrications by Native American visual artists are scrutinized in this collection.