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Carex Europaea : The genus Carex L. (Cyperaceae)in Europe, 1 Accepted names, hybrids, synonyms, distribution, chromosome numbers / von Jacob Koopman

The genus Carex is one of the largest in the world and mostly represented in the northern hemisphere, from the temperate to the arctic zones. CAREX EUROPAEA is an essential reference and this first volume primarily deals with names, synonymy, hybrid information, and various ranges in Europe, and a huge compendium of references.As the first descriptors of Carex were for most part European botanists, there are so many names and references to deal with, so, as a consequence, there is a tremendous accumulation of information. Some of these sources are very rarely provided and it is very difficult to have them all gathered in one volume.This book is primarily useful for European users, being scholars, specialists, professionals, botanists of every part of the continent, ecologists, naturalists, and all kinds of students of natural history, and public or private organizations involved in environment and plant protection.Because more than half of the species are as well known outside of Europe, the basic information on these species is also useful for users worldwide.