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Ehe, Familie und Gesellschaft (studies on marriage, family and society) : mit Originaltexten von Carl Hilty und Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Dieses Studienbuch enthält 40 Beiträge (englisch/deutsch) und fünf weitere Texte aus Theologie und Erziehungswissenschaft über die Ehe, den Status der Frauen und der Familie in der Bibel, Scheidung, psychologische Aspekte von Liebe und Erziehung, Aufgabe der Eltern und Schule; Medien, Kino, Werbung; Probleme Jugendlicher wie ADHS etc. unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der katholischen Lehre und der polnischen Kulturgeschichte. Mit Texten von Carl Hilty und Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi.

This book contains 40 essays, mostly from theology and pedagogics under the redaction of Prof. Jerzy Kułaczkowski. Marriage and family is shown from its roots in biblical times of the Old Testament up to the child’s special value for a more human society according to the Gospel of Jesus. The question of divorce is treated as well as psychological aspects of love and education or the duty and features of good parents. Media, advertising and difficulties like the growing up of young people between their parents’ guidance and the identification within their peer groups. The main view comes from roman catholic perspective, portraying further aspects and persons of eastern culture (Poland’s Second Republic, Julian Michalec, Mikulas Russnak). In addition the editor also explains more protestant views and even includes a small study by Robert Nef on the relation of church and state. Worth reading is also his view on the legend of Gallus meeting a female bear contains new meaning for a better politics. The same goal is intended by the original thoughts of Carl Hilty and the most famous Swiss John Henry Pestalozzi. So we have included good examples of their rich works.