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Pictures and Words / von Juergen Teller

For over a year Juergen Teller contributed a column to the magazine of Die Zeit, Germany’s most respected news paper.
Given free creative rein, Teller presented a new image each week with an accompanying text he had written. Combining
pictures and words in this way was new for Teller, and has since intensified the autobiographical element of his work.
Like his images the texts are blunt, often controversial and irresistibly Telleresque. From the very beginning the column
was greeted with enthusiasm but also elicited outcry – the magazine received piles of letters each week, most of them
complaining that such poor photo graphs were being published in such a respected magazine. Book two Literature
contains the best of these letters.
Born in 1964 in Erlangen, Germany, Juergen Teller has lived in London since 1986. His influential fashion photography
has been published extensively, and solo exhibitions of his work have been held at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art
contemporain in Paris and the Kunsthalle Wien among other institutions. Teller’s books with Steidl include Louis XV
(2005), Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998–2009 (2010) and Zimmermann (2010).
Co-published with Zeit Magazine, Berlin