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Harrison, Rachel. Museum with walls / von Rachel Harrison

This catalogue provides a photographic sequencing of the route taken by visitors through the first iteration of the project, at Bard, a complex and precisely constructed exhibition by the artist serving a survey and a remaking of her large-scale installations, each of which formed the basis of previous exhibitions and individual projects. The book also includes essays by Tom Eccles, David Joselit, Iwona Blazwick, and Jack Bankowsky, as well as contributions by Paul Chan, John Kelsey, Allan McCollum, Lucy Raven, Amy Sillman, and Steven Stern. With 264 pages and 250 color illustrations, the book is also the most comprehensive monograph of Rachel Harrison’s innovative and challenging work to date. Special design with vinyl/plastic-finish jacket and inset André Malraux book jacket on cover make the book a collectors’ edition.