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Heat Transfer with Forced Convection and Film Flows / von Deyi Shang

This book systematically presents recent developments for laminar forced convection and forced film condensation, both from pure vapor and vapor-gas mixture for variable properties. In this book the following topics are covered: An advanced similarity analysis method is presented to replace traditional Falkner-Skan type transformation, and a novel system of similarity analysis and transformation models is introduced to overcome the difficult issues on the field of forced convection and film flows. The effect of thermal dissipation on forced convection heat transfer is discussed in detail. A system of models of temperature and concentration- dependent variable properties is presented based on the advanced temperature-parameter model and rigorous analysis model on vapor-gas mixture physical properties for rigorous and convenient description of the system of governing differential equations. An available approach to interfacial matching conditions for rigorous and reliable solutions is presented. A system of numerical results on velocity and temperature fields, as well as, key solutions on heat and mass transfer are presented, and the complicated effect of non-condensable gas on heat and mass transfer of forced film condensation is further clarified. With heat and mass transfer equations obtained based on the advanced similarity analysis models and equations formulated with the rigorous key numerical solutions, it is realized to conveniently and reliably predict heat and mass transfer for convection and film flows.