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Wörterbuch der Lebensmittel - Dictionary of Foods / von Theodor C Cole

Theodor C.H. Cole Wörterbuch der Lebensmittel Dictionary of Foods ¿ 30,000 terms (15,000 in each language); word clusters in addition to the usual alphabetical listings; approx. 600 pages; due date: 2010 subject area: food plants, foods of animal origin, food microbiology/biotechnology, food processing (processed foods), nutrition and health, dietetics, food production, agriculture target/market: academia, food industry, food trade/marketing/processing, culinary sector, restaurants, gourmets comparable titles: there is no comparable or competing single, bilingual dictionary on the market devoted to the general concept of : FOOD ! Lück, E. : Kompaktwörterbuch der Lebensmitteltechnologie, E-D/D-E, Behr Verlag, 2004, EUR 106 – food technology aimed specifically at the industrial food processing sector (the author, who is not "self-sufficient" in English, previously asked me to translate one of his books and definitely needs "assistance" - he 75 years old and very unlikely to attempt to compete against my concept); Herings Lexikon der Küche, 23rd edn. in 5 languages, general and basic, restricted to the culinary sector.