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Mittelbau-Dora: American and German Representations of a Nazi Concentration Camp : Literature, Visual Media and the Culture of Memory from 1945 to the Present / von Bruno Arich-Gerz

In 1945, U.S. Americans liberated the Nazi concentration camp complex of »Mittelbau-Dora«, and retrieved tons of intact rocket technology from the nearby »Mittelwerke« factory. Today, an astounding mix of first-hand memoirs, biographies and false survivor tales, novels and theater plays, Hollywood movies and newsreel footage testify to the role the U.S.A. have played with regard to »Mittelbau-Dora«, and vice versa. This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of these textual and visual representations, and juxtaposes them to publications by German eyewitnesses, local researchers and academic historians, and experts in cultural memory.