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Polynomials Mnogochleny / von Victor V. Prasolov

From the reviews:
"... Despite the appearance [...] in a series titled Algorithms and Computation of Mathematics, computation occupies only a small part of the monograph. It is best described as a useful reference for one's personal collection and a text for a full-year course given to graduate or even senior undergraduate students. [...] the book under review is worth purchasing for the library and possibly even for one's own collection. The author's interest in the history and development of this area is evident, and we have pleasant glimpses of progress over the last three centuries [...] the reader gains a synopsis of and guide to the literature ..." E.Barbeau, SIAM Review 47:3, 2005

"This is an exposition of polynomial theory and results, both classical and modern. [...] the volume is packed with results and proofs that are well organised thematically [...] What is unusual is to have a text that embraces and intermingles both analytic and algebraic aspects of the theory…" S.D.Cohen, Math.Reviews 2005f