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State and Market in a Globalized World : Transatlantic Perspectives

This volume is the product of a conference of the same name, which took place at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies between October 5 and 8, 2006, and was generously sponsored by Manfred Lautenschläger, CEO of the MLP Group. A distinguished group of more than a dozen authors from universities in the United States, Germany and the European University Institute representing academic disciplines such as economics, law, political science, religious and cultural studies etc. offers unique transatlantic perspectives on issues such as the role of markets as well as regulatory regimes, or the role of educational systems in a globalized world. Experts examine, whether the welfare state will be replaced by a “market state”, reflect on the complex relationship between religion and capitalism, and analyze the rights-bearing individual and its relationship to the market and the state. Together, the contributions in this volume paint a fascinating panoply of the ways in which globalization, or talk of it, affects ideas of the relation between state and market in all kinds of different realms.