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Suicide by Cop : Scripted Behavior Resulting in Police Deadly Force / von James J Drylie

Annually, approximately 300 deaths in the United States are attributed to police-involved shootings. The legal categorization of these cases is often termed justifiable homicide. However, closer examination of these cases reveals that motives of a small percentage of individuals who threaten the police have been linked to suicide. In a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, the police were being engaged in life-threatening situations as a means towards an end. In typical American fashion the phenomenon is labeled suicide by cop as a form of shorthand. The purpose of this book is two-fold. First, by presenting research of suicide by cop in the form of qualitative analysis allows for the richness of the data to demonstrate how the suicidal drama unfolds and how the authority of the police is usurped for the insidious purpose of committing suicide. Second, the theory of victim-scripted suicide will support a generalization of suicide by cop cases, which is necessary for future research. It will be through greater understanding that the ability to prevent and/or mitigate incidents with the potential of erupting into a suicide by cop will emerge. The book will serve academics, police practitioners, as well as students interested in advancing their knowledge on the subject of suicide by cop, and will equally serve to inform those in the medical, mental health, and legal fields.