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Content Analyses in the WWW Era : Challenges, Problems, Solutions / von Jian Zhang

The World Wide Web has become one of the hottest topics in social science. Scholars and professionals from various fields have put tremendous efforts into studying the World Wide Web. However, the dynamic environment of the World Wide Web challenges traditional research methods, which have proven valuable in studying traditional media. One of the methods is content analysis. How did the dynamic features of Web sites affect the studies using content analysis? What is the status quo of content analysis after 2000? What are the challenges, either the “old” ones identified by former research or the “new” ones emerging in the WWW era? What are the potentially valid solutions to those challenges? This book examines those issues by conducting a thematic meta-analysis on how researchers apply the content analysis method to the World Wide Web between 2000 and 2004. Each step was examined in studies using content analysis to analyze the WWW during this period. Problems and solutions were identified. Suggestions of improving these solutions are proposed. The book is addressed to scholars and professional in Mass Communications, Journalism. It is also directed towards scholars in Information Science and Technology.