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Quantum Information Theory : Mathematical Foundation Ryoshi Jouhou Riron Nyumon / von Masahito Hayashi

This graduate textbook provides a
unified view of quantum information theory. Clearly explaining the necessary
mathematical basis, it merges key topics from both information-theoretic and quantum-
mechanical viewpoints and provides  lucid
explanations of the basic results. Thanks to this unified approach, it makes
accessible such advanced topics in quantum communication as quantum
teleportation, superdense coding, quantum state transmission (quantum
error-correction) and quantum encryption.Since the publication of the
preceding book Quantum Information: An Introduction, there have been
tremendous strides in the field of quantum information. In particular, the following
topics – all of which are addressed here – made seen major advances: quantum
state discrimination, quantum channel capacity, bipartite and multipartite
entanglement, security analysis on quantum communication, reverse Shannon
theorem and uncertainty relation.With regard to the analysis of
quantum security, the present book employs an improved method for the
evaluation of leaked information and identifies a remarkable relation between
quantum security and quantum coherence. Taken together, these two improvements
allow a better analysis of quantum state transmission. In addition, various
types of the newly discovered uncertainty relation are explained.Presenting a wealth of new
developments, the book introduces readers to the latest advances and challenges
in quantum information.To aid in understanding, each
chapter is accompanied by a set of exercises and solutions.