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Civil Society, Civic Engagement and Catholicism in the U.S.

Antonius Liedhegener
Civic Engagement by Religion. American Civil Society
and the Catholic Case in Prespective. An Introduction
I. Civil Society and Religion in the U.S.
John Farina
A Fresh Moment of Dialogue. Religion and Liberalism Revisited
Mark Chaves
Congregations’ Significance to American Civic Life
Corwin E. Smidt
Faith-Based Initiatives: A New Chance or a Political Threat
to American Civil Society?
Frank Adloff
Civil Society, Civic Engagement, and Religion:
Findings and Research Problems in Germany and the U.S.
II. Civic Engagement and Volunteering
in American Catholicism: Research
Margaret O’Brien Steinfels
Catholic Civic Engagement: Recent Debates and Positions
within the Catholic Church
Gerald P. Fogarty, S.J.
Volunteerism in the Land of Voluntarism: The American Catholic Church
James D. Davidson/Mark McCormick
Catholics and Civic Engagement:
Empirical Findings at the Individual Level
Meghan Davis/Antonius Liedhegener
Catholic Civic Engagement at the Local Level. The Parish and Beyond
Bryan T. Froehle
Organizing Volunteering? National Catholic Organizations
and Civic Engagement
III. Catholic Volunteering and Catholic Civic Engagement
in Practice: Examples
Martin Kaiser
Volunteering as a Topic of Intercultural Learning.
Experiences from German-American Exchange Programs
Andreas Henkelmann
“CrossingOver”: A Project Supporting the Dialogue on the Catholic
Church and Parish Life in the United States and Germany
Bryan T. Froehle
Parish Planning Processes and Catholic Volunteering in the U.S.
Jeffry Odell Korgen
State Catholic Conferences, Local Bishops, and Volunteer Leaders:
A Pastoral Reflection on Catholic Legislative Advocacy
on the Diocesan Level
IV. Catholic Civic Engagement and American Society:
Antonius Liedhegener
Still Something Special? The Recent Debate on Civil Society
and Religion in the U.S. and the Catholic Tradition
John Farina
The Future of Catholic Civic Engagement