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Did Someone Say Participate? : An Atlas Of Spatial Practise / von Markus Miessen, Shumon Basar

What was once seen as the defensive preserve of architects – mapping, making, or manipulating spaces- has become a >new culture of space< produced and shaped by and ever increasing number of disciplines. Did Someone Say Participate? Showcases a range of forward thinking practitioners and theorists who actively trespass – or participate – in neighbouring or alien knowledge spaces. Deviating from the majority of architectural publications that doggedly return to the architect-author in the centre of spatial production, this book embraces a distinctly inclusive view. It argues for a re-evaluation of architecture beyond the traditional definitions of built substance into the possibility of an architecture of knowledge that is being built up, importantly, by architects eschewing conventional practice and non architects participating in space: thus becoming what is termed here >>spatial practitioners<<. They share an essential interest: the understanding, production and altering of spatial conditions as a pre-requisite of identifying the broader reaches of political reality. (Markus Miessen & Shumon Basar)